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Carpet Cleaning

At Cantab Cleaning we offer the latest in carpet cleaning technology to clean and sanitise your Carpets. We offer carpet cleaning services for any commercial or Domestic space in Christchurch. We have a team of fully-trained and qualified professionals that will protect and enhance your carpet through the use of reliable cleaning methods and equipment.

We use the latest in Encapsulation Technology. This involves your carpets being sprayed with a specialised chemical which surrounds the dirt particles attached to the fibers of your carpets. Then a powerful suction unit- rinses and quickly sucks all the dirt, allergens and dust away which normal vacuuming or store-bought products cannot. This service is particularly useful for maintenance of heavy traffic areas and can be utilized along with our stain treatment service. We also offer an upholstery and Furniture cleaning service which can be undertaken along with your carpet cleaning.

Your floor is one of the first things guests or clients notice when they walk into your home or business; make a good impression with our affordable carpet cleaning service. Cantab Cleaning Services is a well-established company whose services consistently exceed industry standards. In many cases, this type of cleaning can be an expensive exercise, but with us, you will receive an affordable service at a competitive rate. This service can be offered as a standalone service on a one-off basis or as a scheduled service at a given time that suits your requirements. Simply decide the services you require, and we will be there in the queue with no further thought required. Specialising in all commercial businesses we offer a customized cleaning schedule that will fit in with your budgets and meet all your requirements.

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