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Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning

CanTab Commercial Cleaning keeps windows looking their sparkling best.


Cleaner, faster & safer Window Cleaning

To achieve impeccably clean windows, CanTab Commercial Cleaning uses a customised Pure Water system. It deionises water; removing electrically charged particles (ions) including minerals, salts, dissolved solids and contaminants, which would otherwise remain on windows, even after cleaning.

Cost effective & chemical-free

Purified water is incredibly good for cleaning windows, so we don’t add unnecessary cost to you, by using chemicals or detergents. And we don’t need to use your power – the system is simply connected to a tap and the ‘magic’ begins!

CanTab Commercial Cleaning also uses (Pure Water-fed) telescopic poles and brushes, with angle adapters and extensions when needed. This means ladders, elevated platforms and lifting poles aren’t needed. For interior windows reachable by hand, our window cleaning equipment includes professional, Commercial-quality squeegees – they’re still brilliant tools for cleaning windows well.

Our Window Cleaning services include:

  • Single storey window cleaning
  • Multi-storey window cleaning: up to 3 storeys high from the ground
  • Cleaning tall & hard to reach windows
  • Post-Construction window cleaning (Builders Clean)
  • End of Lease / End of Tenancy window cleaning
  • Cleaning window frames, tracks & screens

Post-Construction Window Cleaning

This can be a standalone service, or as part of a Builders Clean – not just to ensure the property is ready for handover, but to protect the glass. New window glass can become permanently stained if it’s not cleaned properly, soon after the new build or renovation is completed.

Hiring inexperienced cleaners for post-construction window cleaning, can be a very expensive mistake (especially if they’re cleaning coated or tinted windows)! Our window cleaners have been trained to clean construction residue such as plaster, paint, silicone and cement from windows, without scratching or marking the glass.

End of Lease / End of Tenancy Cleaning
Our End of Lease, and End of Tenancy cleaning services can include window cleaning, to help inspection and handover go smoothly.  See our End of Lease Cleaning page.

Window Cleaning in Christchurch & Canterbury

Keep your property looking sharp, with window cleaning by your locally owned and operated, professional cleaning company: CanTab Commercial Cleaning. Contact us for a free, no obligation Window Cleaning Quote.

Our other Cleaning services include:

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