The client: The Isaac Theatre Royal

The Isaac Theatre Royal is the spiritual heart of Canterbury’s arts scene; an iconic theatrical venue that has played host to spectacular shows and spellbound audiences for more than a century.

Our solution

We worked with the construction crew through the rebuild of the theatre and made contact with the client directly. They had their own cleaning staff prior to the rebuild but were keen to explore the option of using an outside company.

We worked though their requirements and came up with a cleaning solution that suited their very specific needs as we needed to be flexible with timing, working round shows packing in, dressing rooms being used, cleaning in between performances etc and of course because of this building being very prestigious, the standard of the services offered needed to be to a very high standard.

In building a relationship with the client, and making them fudge to secure the contact – yes really! 6 years on we are still looking after this beautiful building.

What the Isaac Theatre Royal say about us

“We have contracted Canterbury Commercial Cleaning to service our building’s cleaning services since re-opening our venue in November 2014. Prior to this date they were also employed to service the builders clean during the rebuild of the venue.

For excellent professional cleaning, I wouldn’t go past this amazing company. Mike and his team are thorough, friendly and are always on time with the delivery of a sparkling clean venue. Attention to detail is their specialty.

Try them, you won’t be disappointed.”