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The Client: PlaceMakers

PlaceMakers is New Zealand's leading and largest supplier of building materials and hardware.

Our solution

We were contacted and asked if we would consider taking on the job but at that stage, we were not big enough to handle a contact of this size. They approached us again 9 months later as their third cleaning company in 2 years were not meeting their standards and we took on the contact. We have been cleaning there now for 10 years!

They have specific requirements around times as certain areas need to be cleaned before the store opens to the public. We clean the shop floor using a specalised floor cleaning machine that washes, scrubs and then dries the floor. We have to meet their high standards and comply with their health and safety requirements.

What PlaceMakers Riccarton say about us

“Canterbury Commercial Cleaning (Cantab Cleaning) has been contracted to carry out daily cleaning services at PlaceMakers Riccarton for approximately 10 years and they have consistently provided us with excellent levels of service.

Mike and his team ensure that an appropriate number of Cantab staff are onsite in our branch each day to carry out a full clean in all areas in a timely fashion, working in with and considering staff arrival/start up times to ensure minimum impact and inconvenience in working & common areas.

Mike has always been open and available to discuss and assess any areas that may need extra attention or a change in approach and has always been flexible and accommodating with special requests. This was/is especially important and appreciated in the recent and current working environment with the extra considerations required to protect against Covid-19. The Cantab team were on site every day while PlaceMakers Riccarton was operating in a limited capacity under alert Level 4 and Level 3. Cantab’s careful attention to detail in cleaning and disinfecting all shared surfaces and the deep cleans carried out through this period reassured management, staff and customers that all practical measures were being taken to ensure a hygienic working environment.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Cantab team to anyone considering contracting their services.